Grandpas Abandoned House

As the day was coming to an end Zenning with Zay & I arrived at Grandpas Abandoned House.  It was a fair distance to hike in but it certainly looked worth the hike.  Or so we thought....

Grandpas Abandoned House

The sun was setting fast so we had to rush around to get my pictures! I didn't think I would have time to get a video. I don't really like filming at night in certain places. It can draw unwanted attention!  I started off upstairs & Zay stayed on the main floor.

Abandond House Window

The first shot I wanted to take was of this window at the end of the hallway. But I was having a struggle trying to line it up I moved on as the light was going fast! After a few I finally came back & lined it u as best I could. I couldn't figure out why it was such a struggle until I went to edit it! The house was all wonky & it wasn't me!

The upstairs as a whole was pretty amazing! There is just something about natural decay that I love! The old bed frame was a nice surprise & the setting sun made for some excellent light!

The last bedroom upstairs was super creepy with children's toys & furniture.  It really didn't fit with the rest of the place& added some mystery to an already mysterious place.

Next was the main floor.  Light was going fast now so I was using my flashlight a bit to speed things up.  I was really enjoying this place so wanted to get my pics done & probably do a video!  Zay was now done inside so we went out for exteriors!  The next photo was the last one I took here.

Grandpas Abandoned House

I took this pic & was walking towards the front when I heard someone shout at us.  The person thought we were trying leave but we figured no big deal.  Let's stay & be honest.  Well sure enough the guy turns out to be an absolute lunatic & he's holding this huge bat & right in my face.  We tell him we mean no harm or disrespect but he wasn't having it.  He said every night he sits in the forest & watches this place as it belonged to his grandfathers place & he had passed away there.  We assured him we meant no harm & after deleting my photos...he finally settled down.   It was after another threat of caving in my skull & throwing me into the well that he finally decided to let us go.  So if you know Grandpas Abandoned House I highly recommend you stay far away from it.

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