Mysterious Abandoned Time Capsule

While Zenning with Zay & I were on a road trip we explored this Mysterious Abandoned Time Capsule!  We were brought here by our friends Cherotica & Knife Guy who babysat Opie while we explored it!

We had already explored a whole heap of abandoned place when they took up to this abandoned time capsule!  This is a true time capsule as it is left in a state where it seems the owners just disappeared.  Leaving one day & never returning.  So is the case with this place.

The upstairs of the Abandoned House was exactly setup as if the owners would be back anytime. So many items just left untouched. It's really sad to see this & leaves so many unanswered questions.

The bookshelf on the upper level was pretty cool! There were loads of old & interesting things left behind including the antique Shreddies box! Then downstairs to check out the ground floor!

The kitchen of the Mysterious Abandoned Time Capsule was amazing! So many antique appliances! It's pretty wild to think that these would be used every day! There were in incredible condition too!

The last two rooms on the main floor were bedrooms. I suspect there were rooms were last used for bedrooms as the family could no longer manage the stairs. We see this quite often which tells a story which almost always ends in the passing of the owners. This is likely the case with this place. Unfortunately there is little information available to share. All in all this was an epic explore!!

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