New Brunswick Abandoned House

This New Brunswick Abandoned House was a random find for Zenning with Zay & I on our last day of exploring. This was part of our epic adventure honeymoon!

It was our last day that we could spending adventuring so we did just that! Stopping at all the touristy places & taking pics of it all! It was a gloomy & wet day but that didn't put a damper on our spirits! A few short hours into the day & we came across this abandond house!

It was clearly abandoned so we left Opie in the car to have a look!  It turned out t be a lot more interesting than it looked at first.  That's the thing with some places.  You gotta dig in a bit sometimes to find the secret!

The kitchen area was pretty messed up & looked like someone was planning a reno.  But that never happened clearly! One thing I noticed were the awesome doors!  A real 1960s vibe!  Moving on things quickly became less trashed!

There main sitting/living area was a pretty good shape.  Only a bit of decay.  It's always surprising to find photos still hung on the walls of these places we go.

Upstairs had even more stuff with items left untouched like the beds!  The old A-Team bedsheets was some nostalgia for me as I had them as a kid!  Pretty cool too see them, in a bed of a abandoned house decades later!  The last bedroom had the coolest stuff!  I always enjoy finding old photographs & these portraits were awesome! Pretty amazing place!  Be sure to check out the rest from this epic road trip!

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