Beautiful Abandoned Country Mansion

This Beautiful Abandoned Country Mansion was a random discovery at the end of the day.  Zenning with Zay & I were tired & ready for home when I spotted what appeared to be an overgrown  property.  Sure enough, it was!

This amazing place is deceiving when it comes to size.  If you were to drive by you would likely miss it as its set far back from the road.  Once we were inside we were shocked just how big it really was.

We didn't really know what to expect once inside but at first we were a little sketched out. There was McDonald's drinks & a bag of trash sitting out! As if they ate & went for a walk! Super sketchy but we quickly discovered that the utilities had all been cut. Plus, there was mold growing on the cups! That along with a few other telltale signs we knew it truly was abandoned.

This bungalow styled mansion has 7 bathrooms & 6 bedrooms & a finished basement complete with full kitchen & even a sauna! This lakefront oasis sits on a massive piece of property & is completely private. Its the perfect place to escape from it all & enjoy nature. The remoteness of this place also has kept it safe over the years.

Several years ago the Beautiful Abandoned Country Mansion was sold to some ambitious people that went to work turning it into a bed & breakfast. They were advertising it to foreign travellers looking to visit Canada! Roos started at $125 a night up to $250.

The AirBNB did well for a while but things took a turn for the worst. In the master bathroom there was a disconnect with one of the pipes & the mansion suffered major flooding. Clean up efforts were made but shortly after removing the moldy items work stopped.

All throughout the basement you could see where they removed the flooring & sections of drywall. They had even cleaned most of it up but then money ran out. The fate of this Beautiful Abandoned Country Mansion is unknown but I suspect it will be left. Slowly rotting away.

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