Abandoned Pizza Place

This Abandoned Pizza Place was a random discovery made by Zenning with Zay on a recent road trip!  It was odd because all the signage was still there so we weren't positive it was abandoned.  But then Zay hopped out the car for a closer look!

As this was a completely random find I really did have any information other than what was right in front of me! This happens quite often for us as we prefer finding new/new to us spots! But sine then I did do some research & was able to find out some things!

From the front it really didn't look too overgrown really. It may not look like much but some of the best take out food I've eaten comes from places like this! From what I read, this place was just that.

This Abandoned Pizza Place specialized in these mega Panzerottis which is basically a giant pizza pocked that comes deep fried or baked. I prefer the deep fried but it's certainly not the healthier choice!  They also offered a $12 pizza night & based on all the reviews it was pretty epic!

From what I can put together this place closed November 2017.  They had announced a new menu in April & by September they had new items added including wraps & fish & chips.  Then in November they announced their closing for the winter seasons.  Many patrons left disappointed comments & it seems that was the end.  It looks like it would have made a pretty epic feast which I would rather have eaten at the place than explored it.

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