Abandoned Decaying 1960s Bungalow

This Abandoned Decaying 1960s Bungalow is a perfect example of finding places when you aren't even looking.  Zenning with Zay & I had just finished exploring an Abandoned Country Mansion & were heading to get something to eat.  That's when I spotted what looked like an abandoned house & sure enough it was!

The dead giveaway for this place being abandoned was the areas of overgrowth.  Sure, most of the grounds looked cut but there were areas that looked untouched for a year!  It hasn't been easy though this year with the whole no mow movement!  I spotted a few ground mineral testing boxes which led me to believe it really was abandoned.  I walked up to the house & went to the side door.  It was locked but I could see there was decay inside.  I then went to the front door & was surprised to find the keys in the door!  Its funny as people often accuse explorers of breaking in.  Many people just can't fathom places being open yet here is a prime example!  I had to take a picture of it!

Once inside I noticed the house was very dated. There was a single tag over the fireplace which was the only vandalism throughout. The master bedroom was definitely weird. The jacuzzi tub in the corner of the carpeted room made no sense.  Plus the master bathroom gave zero privacy!

The rest of the house had some pretty amazing decay!  The kitchen was definitely my favourite area.  I only took one photo int he basement but you can see the rest in the video!  The house will be demolished & a townhouse development will eventually be built on the land.  From what I read it will be 42, 3 storey townhouses!  Pretty crazy to go from a single family property to 42!

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