Bankrupt Lawyers Abandoned Mansion

This Bankrupt Lawyers Abandoned Mansion was a place Zenning with Zay & I had scouted for a few years.  Every time we tried we were unsuccessful until this time!

This mansion was last listed for $3,500,000 as is. Meaning it will be demolished as is the case with many of these older mansion. It seems more times than not these mansion we find are just neglected. As if money is no object so they don't maintain it. Seems crazy I know but we have come across it so many times. I suspect this is due to the high amount of foreign investors buying up property. This is often done to launder money so the house itself is neglected. On top of that, the market is out of control so regardless of the condition, the owner will make money!

The mansion itself has been empty for several years. When we first found it there were numerous boats stored on the property. There was a lot but not as many as we found at the abandoned boat graveyard!  All those were now gone.  The property is regularly cut but that is done by the city as its a bylaw concern.  It's likely the property owner gets the bill.

At first it seemed as if this was just going to be another clean & empty abandoned mansion. There really seem to be a lot of those around. But then when I got to the main floor things started to change!

On the main floor not only was there decay making an appearance. But I noticed that every window was screwed shut. This made sense as it had sat for so long empty. I mean it was certainly weird, especially when some were even caulked shut. But it was nice to see the decay. Oh & I should mention the power & water were already cut.

The rest of the main floor was pretty big but man was it so hot. In the video I found a thermometer in the house. I brought it out to the big sun/party room in the video to see what the temperature was & would be. Well, it hit nearly 100F inside that back room!

No explore is complete without a bunch of shots the staircase. This one got a lot of attention from me to say the least! I really did enjoy it!

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