Abandoned Newspaper Building

Zenning with Zay & I were checking out another abandoned building when we spotted this Abandoned Newspaper Building!  Both were abandoned but this one was the one we actually took pictures of!

It didn't take long to figure out what this place was & it turned out to be pretty cool! The Newspaper opened in 1922, just three years after the town was incorporated!  The town itself was built on mining.  The population peaked in 1938 with 26,000 residents.  The primary mineral mined here was gold.

Back in 2018 the parent company announced the closing of 36 of 41 recently acquired publications. From a union release, the move was to eliminate competition & was is blow to small communities as well as the nations democracy. This may sound extreme however they aren't wrong. I mean, whatever the parent company's views are, this is now the only view.  Many of the newspapers were shutdown completely.  One had been in operation for 163 years!  Some were transitioned into online only publications but there still was roughly 300 jobs lost.

It was by pure chance that we happened upon it in what would have been its 100th year! I suspect this was the original building from when it first opened. You can see area where they added modern upgrades but many original items/designs were still visible.

The office & writing area upstairs was pretty cool but the main floor as the best! This is where you could really see the age of this Abandoned Newspaper Building!

The main area had some amazing decay. It seemed to be a reception area where you could purchase subscriptions. Also this is where tou would come to discuss & pay for advertising! It seeed that someone had come at on poit & did some cleaning. This seemed to have been a whle ago as there was still loads of decay & debris on the floor.

The last area was the printing/factory area. This was a rough spot for the building! You can see one area the roof had mostly caved in. The weird thing was that there was no debris. You'd expect to see something on the floor but it was pretty clean! Must have been cleaned a while back like the front. The rest of the warehouse are was clearly 100 years old roughly & was pretty interesting to explore! This was a pretty awesome spot for such a random discovery. This turned out to be the first of several abandoned places we found which included this abandoned pizza place!

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