Abandoned Mine Rescue Station

We had just finished exploring an Abandoned Pizza Place when Zenning with Zay & I spotted this Abandoned Mine Rescue Station!

This was a random find as they all were on this road trip! It's always a nice treat to find something random & go in there without any idea what's in store!

The Abandoned Mine Rescue Station at first looked like a regular house form the outside.  The only thing that really stood out was the two huge garage by doors.  This didn't seem that odd though as it could have been a repair shop.  It wasn't until we got inside that I started to figure it out.

When I first walked in went through a door that led into a workshop This was right behind the two bay garage which could easily accommodate two large vehicles. The I found myself in a huge empty room. I noticed on the wall a St Johns First Aid certificate. Then a few other things that got me to thinking this was a rescue station. I checked the address & found out it used to be for recusing trapped or injured miners! Pretty interesting spot!

It wasn't until I was on the top floor that I realized there was no main floor kitchen! I I guess this was purpose built & not retrofitted. The kitchen which was upstairs seemed small & not really for eating in. There was a walk out back porch off the kitchen that very rickety. I was definitely not going to walk out on it!

The rest of the upstairs of this Abandoned Mine Rescue Station was bedrooms. I suspect there was likely a half dozen or so people that would live here for shift work. The rooms all could have accommodated several bunks with likely the higher ranked rescuers getting one of the few private rooms. I really have no idea of the number of rescuers that would be on the team but I suspect a mine rescuer operation requires quite a few people!  This was definitely an interesting explore. I guess its a good thing for a rescue station to be closed but I doubt mining has become safer!  Lets hope it has!

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