Abandoned 1990s Toronto Mansion

We were checking on another spot when Zenning with Zay spotted this Abandoned 1990s Toronto Mansion!  Little did we know just how interesting & mysterious this place would be.

From the front you could almost miss the fact that this place was abandoned. It looked well kept for the lost part. But a second glance told us it was! We headed around back where to search for a way in.

The backyard was pretty awesome here! I loved all the overgrowth! It made for some great pictures but we had to be careful not to get spotted. There wee people outside in an adjoining yard having a pool party!

Right away this place was showing all sorts of awesomeness!  From wild wallpaper, to advanced levels of decay!  Such a germ!  I always love when nature takes things back.

The more I toured the Abandoned 1990s Toronto Mansion, the stranger the place became to me.  I mean, there was so much decay it seemed to have been abandoned for quite a long time.  Then in the bedrooms I started to figure out a timeline.  The rooms had all sorts of 80s-90's magazine cutouts & even pennants.  Some real old school stuff! The wall of 90210 was wild & also strange to still be there.

For the room decor I put this place as last lived in sometime in the late 90's.

It also appears that someone had come in & done some cleaning.  The floors were free of debris & there were tools & other item inside. But all those had been there for quite some time.

It was as if someone had good intentions but those also were abandoned.  This was so odd.  Its a beautiful property & home so why is it rotting away still? Now there was a pretty sweet staircase inside that I shot from every angle!

Then I went into the basement.  It really wasn't all that interesting until something caught my eye when I was shooting the video. It was something we had come across before.  Well, it certainly seems like it.

I know it seems unbelievable but we both feel this is yet another body stain.   The mark left from someone who passed away & was not found for some time.  We had come across this before. I was unable to find anything pointing to a crime here or anything regarding a death.  But that oly means there is not news articles/publications.  A sudden death is likely & the fetal position is pretty clear.

Body Stain
Body Stain

I certainly hope this is just a surprising coincidence but its hard to deny what is pretty obvious.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned 1990s Toronto Mansion”

  1. Seeing the state the children bedroom are in, with decorations still up – it has me fearing the worst in this story, doesn’t help it appears someone tried cleaning the stain on the ground (there appears to be mop streaks around the impression). Please update the youtube community if you ever learn any more.

    This place is perplexing with the working fridge, torn up areas, fixed windows, and other.

    Keep up the great content, and telling these stories.

  2. Ya, what is with the shinny new spotlessly clean white fridge and stainless and black new clean water machine all about, when literally everything around them is black/dirty and old??? Also, the fact there is still hydro…and the fridge is plugged in…. (the time display is on on the fridge….wonder if the time was accurate …?) The boom blaster on the floor solo in that one bed room is strange too, why would any kid leave that of all things behind?
    Are some of the windows open? (Did you open them? Did u tie up the drapes too?)
    What made you think this house is abandoned? (Sorry, this is the only post ive read)
    It is odd for sure…but, This house isnt abandoned, because someone takes care of the front grounds… and property tax, and obviously hydro bill, maybe they just dont want to live with a ghost…and they figure, ghost might get hungry too?!
    One more wonder…. Did the body stain seem like the size of an adult, or child? (Looks not that big in the picture)
    Super cool thing for you to do tho! Hope for some sort of reply/update on this neat empty house…..

    1. Yeah this is a weird one. There are signs that give it away. Usually on upkeep. I suspect someone had purchased it with intentions on fixing it up. Often times hydro is left on as someone always owns it. Could be the bank, foreigner investor etc. The body stain, well it seemed like a smaller person but bigger than a child. Likely an elderly person who fell & curled up in the fetal position.

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