Abandoned House of Dolls

We were just rolling into a small town when I spotted this Abandoned House of Dolls.  At the time Zay & I didn't know about the dolls, but we found out pretty quickly once inside!

This house was actually a turning point for me.  It was here I decided I wanted to take less photos overall & focus more on quality shots.  I found I've been less interested in posting some place when there are mountains of picture to edit.  Especially when its just empty rooms.

That was how I used to shoot but lately I had been trying to please everyone with a full tour.  Seems like double work considering I film it all!  That said I feel I give a good tour & highlight on the interesting!  One thing that caught my eye was this trailer in the back with all sorts or moulds in it!  I suspect there was a shop on sit where they sold the art from!

Inside I focused on the things that I liked visually.  Natural decay is always awesome & this place delivered!  Plenty of paint peel!  Plus the wallpaper was pretty sweet too!

The upper floor was not very interesting at all.  I actually took more pictures than I expected.  I mean the stairs, bathroom & room with a television I liked.  But I guess I still felt a bit obligated to show the whole place.  But then it was time for the creepiness in the Abandoned House of Dolls!

In on room I found a pile of dolls.  Not gonna lie we arranged them for these pictures.  But the tall one was standing in a room when I first found it.  It certainly creeped me out!  The thing is the size of a small child!  Needless to say this was a great start to the day of exploring!

Creepy Dolls

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