Huge Abandoned Brick House

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I visited this Huge Abandoned Brick House!  Our friend Static Spaces shared it with us!

As you can see this place sits on a very nice sized lot!  Not a very common thing these days when in the city so it was highly sought after & worth some bucks!  Not a reasonable amount either.

The inside of this huge abandoned brick house was surprisingly in excellent condition.  It was huge with a massive family room, dining room & even a back sunroom!

The kitchen here was very dated but I loved it!  It seemed like it was never updated aside from the appliances!  I loved the colour & wallpaper in here.

Upstairs also seemed quite dated.  It was as if they didn't do any upgrades at all throughout.  It was sad to see it sitting when there was so much potential.  The hardwood floors throughout were amazing & all the rooms were huge!

In the basement was really the only areas where we saw decay.  There was clearly water damage wither from a leak or burst pipe.  The basement itself was quite odd & didn't really match the resto of this Huge Abandoned Brick House.  It was almost asylumesque in some areas!

Now for the best in my opinion!  The stairs & that wallpaper!  My God was that wallpaper something else.  They definitely spent some big bucks on it ensuring it aligned every where!  It was certainly busy but at the same time very cool looking!  I am sure some would hate it but to each their own!  This was definitely an epic adventure!

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