12 Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion

In early 2022 Zenning with Zay & I Headed down to the big city to explore this 12 Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion!

The gentleman whom lived here was described as a maverick in the mining industry.  He staked claims in Northern Ontario & Quebec in the 1950s.

Then in the 60's &70's is when he really succeeded with the development of several copper, nickel & gold properties. This massive success & wealth led him & his family to this exclusive neighbourhood!  Over the years he took risks in the market & made & lost millions.  But always came out on top in the end!

The mansion sits on a beautiful 4 acre lot with many mature trees. As with everyone mansion in this area, it was bought for the land. The mansion will be demolished. It may seem like a waste but to some, money is no object!

As it as a flat roofed building, it was susceptible to water damage.  I always say a flat rood will go quick if its not maintained & this place was living proof!  Even though it didn't seem like a lot of damage, it likely is a lot worse where you couldn't see!

This 12 Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion was really incredible! It had so many original pieces! The kitchen was definitely a highlight! That oven was absolutely incredible & I bet it was pricey in its day! would have loved to have this piece in my house!

As always I love me a good staircase. In this mansion it offered up two epic spiral staircases! As always I shot the crap outta them both! But this isn't where it ends. There is still something even better!

The last room was wild! My understand this was a play room for the kids. But something tells me it could easily have doubled as a play room for adults! Sadly this amazing place will be demolished for a new, massive mansion. So it goes.

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  1. Thanks for the info about the house. I do have a quick question.. In the master bdrm you came across a paper.. Does that mean his spouse is barried on the land?

  2. Hello to whom this may concern: I know you don’t know me but I’m Desean Y. And I seen on here this website where it’s pictures of old mansions that’s left but for a Reason I use to know some people that stayed in some of the mansions and I would like to Have a Discussion bout the mansions that u people judge that’s abandoned!!!

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