Abandoned Fishing Vessel

When the chance to explore e an Abandoned Fishing Vessel came up I was beyond excited!  Zenning with Zay not so much but all the changed once we got there!

Now this was not an easy explore despite its appearance!
There was fences that needed to be climbed, workers to dodge & even Canadian Coast Guard to avoid! It's kinda funny as this really checked all of our boxes yet wasn't really a priority on this particular road trip!

For someone such as myself or Zay, an abandoned boat is something very unique! Especially one this size! We come from Ontario as many of you know & the province is peppered with abandoned houses! It's not only what got us into the hobby but also our bread & butter so to speak! So yes, it was a welcomed change to explore this! Plus the fact is was the equivalent to a time capsule house made it all the more amazing!

The next area I had to check out was a lower level which was even more cramped & was essentially sleeping quarters for up to another 8 sailors! It was dark down there & I could feel a little bit of claustrophobia saying hi to me! Didn't spend much time down there as I am sure you can appreciate!

Back on the main deck level I checked out the bunks & other rooms.  They were all so cramped yet functional.  You work with what you have!  Personally I don't think I could handle being stuck on one of these things for more a few hours!  Especially when considering how unforgiving the ocean can be!

The next area was up top where the captain had his bunk as well as a map/navigation room.  The Captain's bunk was obviously nicer than the rest with several extras but most luxurious was privacy!

Everything about this Abandoned Fishing Vessel was epic!  But there was still one more area to check out!  That was the bridge!  This was so interesting to see!  All the equipment still in place & quite possibly some still in working condition!  This was definitely an amazing explore & we both were so happy to have taken the time to check it out!

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