Abandoned Party Mansion

On an absolutely beautiful day in early 2022 Zenning with Zay & I checked out this Abandoned Party Mansion!

It turned out to be an unseasonably warm day as we arrived in Toronto for a day of exploring!  A nice change for sure form the long, harsh & drawn out winter!  I had done a little bit of research on this place but didn't really know when we would get here so what I found out was minimal at the time.  I gave it the name the Abandoned Party Mansion as I did discover it was rented out for small catered events!  From the outside it looked like just about any other house.

Once we made our way inside it was quite surprising.  The beautiful hardwood floor was buckling from major water damage.  But even more surprising was the power was still connected & on!   checked out the living room, dining room, two bedrooms & front office.  The bathrooms & that whole area were covered in moisture from an unseen leak.   At the front was a small home office that had some drawings of the potential development that could go on the property.

I then went to check out the kitchen & family room area!  It was pretty apparent the kitchen area was a problem.  Well, the problem was clearly coming from the upper floor, but the kitchen was suffering badly!  The family room was beautiful hardwood floor just like the diving & living rooms.  But sadly, it too was destroyed by water.

Next I headed upstairs where I was greeted with a beautiful skylight after climbing an EPIC staircase.  We'll get to the stairs shortly!  But upstairs was quite small.  Just a single bedroom & then the huge master.  The en-suite bathroom was directly about the kitchen.  I suspected that to be the source of the leak but nothin was obviously leaking.  I then wen to the basement & my goodness was it in rough shape!  The water damage was the worst down here!  So much decay & destruction.  I certainly wouldn't want to be down there during the summer!

Now for the last but certainly not the least!  The grand entrance & staircase! I think I captured these beauties from every conceivable angle.  I really loved the shots looking upwards!  Now, the fate of this house is 100% demolition with plans to build townhomes.  I predict that a the days get warmer, the mold in here will consume this place quickly.  Similar to the Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion.

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