Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion

Now this was quite an interesting mansion.  My girlfriend ZenningWithZay had found this a few years back but we never actually gave it a go.  One day I was in the area & figured I would finally see what the deal was with it.  It certainly looked abandoned but with so many close-by neighbours, we often opted for easier locations to try. Not expecting to get in I drove up & parked right out front.  I didn't even bother bringing my camera gear I was so convinced it would be a bust.  Within minutes I was inside & did a quick run around then went back to my car to get my camera.

The first room I entered was extremely moldy with a stunning stone fireplace & a spiral staircase.  As you know, I absolutely love spiral staircases & although this was not wood but rather steel, it still was quite impressive.  The staircase lead to a loft area which was odd & VERY disgusting in terms of decay.  The roof & skylights had some major leaks causing this mess!

The mansion has a very unique layout with three wings connected by windowed corridors.  These corridors let in ample light but really didn't make much sense to me as they were just mostly unusable space.   Don't get me wrong, there are super cool & interesting, just didn't seem functional.

The southern wing of the mansion had 3 bedrooms & two bathrooms.  The rooms are all quite large but very plain in terms of decor.  I was told that it was 80's chic & quite expensive however I found it rather unwelcoming & very bland.

The eastern wing seemed older than the rest & was likely never updated when the rest of the mansion was.  The decay in this area was quite significant with gaping holes in the ceiling & some cave ins.   The bathroom was surprisingly in great condition & I absolutely loved the bathtub!  This area really had a servants quarters vibe to it based on what seemed to be a laundry room & the smaller kitchen.

The north wing is where things really became interesting.  First off it was the cleanest area of the mansion.  There was a large kitchen with an equally large dining room, a small gathering room, utility closet, bathroom & a curved corridor lined with windows.  Keeping on theme with the rest of the mansion it was bland, white & not at all welcoming.  In fact, it was boring to even explore this part but things were about to change dramatically!!

Enter the time capsule!

Now this is what explorers dream about!  A house where it seems that the owners just walked away one day never to return.  This is exactly what happened here!  The last date I was able to find was 2014.  From what we were able to find, the family that lived here were Chinese nationals which meant owning this mansion, they were only able to do yearly mortgages as found in some documents.  It seems that they only lived in this one section of the mansion & I have no idea if the decay in the other area was preexisting or if it all happened in the 5 years since they abandoned it.  The mansion sat in limbo for several years until recently.  Court proceedings are now underway & the mansion is now in the hands of the bank/lender.  I must admit it was sad seeing the girls bedroom with all memories left behind as well as the family photos.  Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed exploring & documenting it!

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  1. I thought at first it could have been some kind of rehab. But then I didn’t see any exit signs,no elevator nothing that tells me it was used for public. No sprinkler system or fire alarm pulls in the hallways. Maybe some old excetric lived there that had a thing about germs.only thing I can figure out that makes sense.

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