Abandoned Secret Garden House

The Abandoned Secret Garden House sits in an upscale neighbourhood mostly surrounded by new mansions.  These older homes are a dying breed for this neighbourhood as large lots with older homes are being purchased at an alarming rate for millions of dollars only to have the current house torn down & a massive one built in it's place.

From the outside the house looks rather bland with high walls hiding small garden areas from view of the road.  The road itself is rather quiet however as mentioned before, massive mansions are popping up all around dwarfing this bungaloft.  Inside it is quite apparent that it is an older home but also rather bland for my liking.   There is a beautiful curved hardwood ceiling starting at the front door & spans the living & dining room as well down the main corridor.

The house has three bedrooms, 3 baths, a small kitchen & a basement that is about half the size of the actual home with a walkout.  There is an in-ground swimming pool & many mature trees on this ear 3/4 of an acre lot.  The house, which is still in pristine condition was recently listed for just under $7,000,000 "as is" which means it will be demolished & a mansion built in it's place with a size up to 14,000 square feet.

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