Abandoned Country Farm House

Set far back from the road & mostly hidden behind trees is this abandoned country farm house!  I had this place on my map to check on & was in the area back in February exploring the Abandoned Untouched Mansion & decided to finally have a look!   The snow was deep & driveway long but fortunately we had all-wheel drive on our side so it was nothing to make it up to it & avoid the long walk.   I hopped out & went looking for a way in & was pleasantly surprised the first door I tried opened!  As soon as I stepped inside I could smell a skunk & it was a recent spray too!

The kitchen was quite large with plenty of space, enough for even a lounge chair!  Off the kitchen was a large dining room with pocket doors to close it off.  There was a nice brick fire place & many large windows.  All the rooms in the house were quite large as with the biggest each having a fireplace.

This house was a fancier farm house as there was two 4 piece bathrooms which wasn't too common in older houses.   There were a few bedrooms upstairs that all were quite large & in all, this was quite a nice house in its time.  Sadly, there will never be a happy ending for this house as development looms right across the road so it will only be a matter of time until its gone forever.

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