Abandoned Pastors House

The Abandoned Pastors House was yet another random discovery.  It always amazes Zenning with Zay & I just how many abandoned house are out there!

During the 2021 Christmas holidays Zay & I spent several days exploring all over the place.  As we were heading to one destination, we came across what appeared to be an abandoned house.  The property wasn't overgrown & the fresh snow made it seem no one had been there.  But, our instincts told us to have a closer look so we did!

Our instincts were correct as the was in fact abandoned!  The front yard had been kept up however but not so much the backyard!

I started off at the one end of the house upstairs.  It was actually quite odd this one area as it was only two rooms then a connecting door to the main side.  It was clear an addition was put on at one point but why the short door?!  PS...how about that shag carpeting! lol

I then went to the other side of the upper level which was definitely the original home.  It had a pretty sweet staircase with hardwood wrap around railing which I shot from as many angles as possible!

I headed back down to the main floor of the Abandoned Pastors House where I checked out the kitchen, living room, family room & the last few spots.  I must say it was an interesting house.  Oh & I almost forgot as it has been a few months but the centre of the house was drooping.  Meaning the floor was soft in the middle!  I remember by the kitchen entrance & area it was all soft.  Now I did see a basement but oddly was unable to locate how to get down there!  A great little explore early on this abandoned house's life!

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