Abandoned Swingers Party Mansion

In early 2022 Zenning with Zay & I revisited the Abandoned Swingers Party Mansion!  We wanted to see what if anything had changed since our first visit in 2019!

The Abandoned Swingers Party Mansion is located in a affluent neighbourhood. Many of the older/original homes are being picked off one at a time & demolished to make way for massive mansions. It a far too common trend we've witnessed for years in the Greater Toronto Area.

The mansion has been empty for several years now. This isn't uncommon for the area. Often time these mansion are bought, then sit for years. Permits take time to get approval & during that time these places often rot.

Now this bedroom was just as amazing as I remembered it but there were some changes.  The dolls were gone & someone had ripped some of the wallpaper off  by the light switch.  Despite this, I still loved it!

Although it had been two years since our original explore, not a lot had changed!  The stereo system in the massive party room was in rough shape from water damage.  The library was also showing signs of water damage from the bad roof leaking into the bedroom above.  These were the early signs of inevitable doom.

The Abandoned Swingers Party Mansion has finally sold & will eventually be replace with a massive mansion which you could actually an artist rendering in some of the party room pictures!  Also, be sure you check out the first visit here to see the changes over the years!

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