Abandoned Stone Manor

While out adventuring, Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out this Exploring an Abandoned 1800's Stone Manor I had on my list but never took the time to explore. It turned out to be a really awesome place & featured a smoke house which I had never found before while exploring!

I really didn't know anything about this Abandoned 1800's Stone House other than it was a pin on my map!  I had spotted a steel roof tucked surrounded by thick forest.  The driveway itself was completely overgrown!  If the house was still there, it would likely be quite decayed.  We had Opie with us so I ran up to see if it was safe for him to come inside & fortunately it was! So we began our explore!

From the road this place is almost completely hidden during the winter.  In fact, if I didn't know it was there we would have missed it!  In the summer you'd never spot it unless flying above!  This huge stone house, although abandoned for over 20 years still had good bones!  This was due to the well built structure & a steel roof.  One unique & very cool feature found on the property was the smokehouse which was used for smoking & curing various meats. The smokehouses were also a way to keep the food safe from animals & thieves!

The upstairs of the Abandoned Stone Manor had four decent sized bedrooms & a bathroom.  The walls were easily 16 inches thick which looked quite impressive when looking out the windows!

The main floor was a mix of interesting & not so interesting. I really like the original kitchen area which had a small barn off of it. It also featured a huge fireplace that probably could heat most of the house! Some updates had been done but there was still some old charm such as the wallpaper! Before wrapping up this location there was one more spot to check!

There were a few out buildings around the property but they were just sheds really. This one however was something else! It took me a bit but I figured out that it was a smokehouse! A place for curing & smoking meats while keeping them secure from animals & thieves! Of course there is a super creepy & partially eaten doll in there. All in all this was a pretty awesome explore!

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