Seven Million Dollar Villa Mansion

On a hot summers day in 2021 Zenning with Zay & I headed down to the big city to explore the Vacant Seven Million Dollar Villa Mansion!

Back in the early summer of 2021 this Seven Million Dollar Villa Mansion was quite a popular place! It's unique design architecture, features, location & price tag checked most of the boxes that explorers like! So one day Zay said we should head down & check it out!

Now before we dive in to the good stuff I figured lets get past the not so interesting parts first!  The upper floor of the mansion had four bedrooms including the master.  The rooms were nothing extraordinary.  Aside from the master bathroom with its odd layout, there was really nothing to exciting about it either! Fortunately the rest of this mansion was packed with awesomeness!

Now I'll start easing you into the awesomeness!  The main floor had two bathrooms & both had incredible wallpaper!  A huge family room, living room & dining room all has their own unique style which I am sure was nice accented with just the right décor.  I especially loved the dining room with the wild wallpaper & matching chandelier!  Now let's get to the epicness!!!

The indoor swimming pool was pretty amazing! The whole room itself was stunning with the wood beams, plethora of windows & even the little bridge! This room was truly stunning!  But there was more to see....

The basement was obviously made for entertaining! From the billiards room to the tiki bar night club, there were definitely some jumping parties held here! Last but certainly not the least is the staircase.

Now before I close this one off I thought I would add some recent info. THe stairs area had been gutted & it appeared for a whie that it would be renovated. However, I discovered that there are plans for a new build that may incorporate some of the original staircase. With the plans, the property was listed at just over $9,000,000 at the beginning of 2022. Then, just two months later a new & identical listing emerged but this tim ith a $23,000,000 price tag! Should be interesting to see what eventually happens here.

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