Cape Breton Time Capsule

This Cape Breton Time Capsule was a lucky find by Zenning with Zay!  We had just finished at another house when all of a sudden Zay spotted something.   We turned around in hope that we found another abandoned house! As we approached I wasn't sure we'd get in, but was hopeful.

As I stepped through the door straightaway I was amazed with what we found! A time capsule! It was nice to find a intact place unlike the last few we explored.   Firstly, it was a rustic place but undeniably cozy!  It seems likely it was a cottage or hunt camp or possibly could have even been a seasonal home.   In light of it being so close to the ocean, coupled with some traps, I concluded it was likely a fisherman's place.

The outside was all done in cedar shake. Something that we saw a lot of out there. Clearly it's tough stuff as this place was holding up strong! Then out back we found an old washer/dryer unit! Pretty cool thing. Then Zay spotted the out house & in this case it was appropriately named!

The upstairs was super cool but also sketchy.  I could see the floor sagging from all sides towards the middle.  I was extra cautious up here but I am sure it was safe.  There were two bedrooms & then a weird area with a bed.  It was the corridor/relacing area.  I loved the old bedframes!

Another key point was that the Cape Breton Time Capsule looked small on the outside.  But it really opened up once inside!  The main floor certainly had a huge living & fining room.  There was also a large bathroom & a back storage room.  Pretty cool but not surprising to find the old lobster trap!  We found more of those the more we explored the province.

I enjoyed this house, especially the kitchen! So many original items left behind. It was very rustic but I loved it. Reminded of simpler times!  All in all it was a great explore.

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