Abandoned Ontario Time Capsule House

Completely hidden from sight up a long driveway sits this Abandoned Ontario Time Capsule House.  Freaktography had told me about it & suggested I check on it as he had not had the time yet so Zenning with Zay & I decided to have a look & see what we could find!  I didn't have high hopes considering the house appeared to be completely boarded but then I spotted a door that was open!  Once inside I was shocked & amazed with what we had walked into.

The entry point was through a side door that led into the kitchen.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I figured I had just walked into a trashed house.  Right away I noticed the wheelchair which would told me this was likely the home of an elderly person.  It felt as if this place was tossed & looted& with any explore I moved around the house to do an initial walk through.  It was then I realized this house may have been looted a bit, but for the most part it wasn't.  Why you ask?

As I moved into the dining room it became quite apparent.   What I had originally thought was just junk piled everywhere. I also noticed a lot of the drywall ceiling was missing.  Looking around more I noticed the drywall was underneath the piles of stuff.  I then put my light at the ceiling & that's when it clicked.  A vast majority of these things were in the attic as I could still see other items still up there!   The roof was bad causing water to seep in turning the drywall into mush & letting the stored items rain down on the main floor!  This was a time capsule of sorts!!

It was clear that some things had been removed & moved around but for the most part everything was still there.  The collapsing ceiling & the stuff that fell made some areas very difficult to navigate.  I decided at the time I wasn't going to bother with a video as it was quite difficult to navigate around empty handed!  There was really so many interesting this throughout & I pressed on to see what I found find next!

The bedrooms had clearly been looted as drawers were out but if someone had the time & patience I bet there were some real treasures to be found.  I did not have either & was getting frustrated with poor lighting & footing.

At this point I decided to focus on some of the details I could easily get to which did not disappoint!  This Abandoned Ontario Time Capsule House was full of really interesting items & would have been incredible a few years ago however the property was quite active up until recently so any access would not have been possible.

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