Cape Breton Abandoned House

This Cape Breton Abandoned House was our first explore on the island!  Zenning with Zay & I were looking for a place to camp when we came across this place.  We decided to camp at another spot beside the Atlantic Ocean but would come back to explore it!

On this road trip we didn't have any abandoned places on our map to check out.  We know what the East Coast has to offer.   So we planned on checking everything that looked interesting!   We did stumble across the Abandoned Doctor's House which we both recognized.  But we didn't plan on it!   Everything was just randomly found!

The decay in here was pretty amazing! The house was almost completely hidden from view & likely would have been once the trees were full. Funny thing too was we were looking for public land access but found this instead!

Upstairs in the Cape Breton Abandoned House was plenty of decay!  I was a bit worried about the floors but all was well.  Just had to take it slow & feel my way around.  The upstairs was mostly empty however there was a sweet old rocking chair.  That & the table in made for a nice scene!   As much as I like Abandoned Time Capsules, I always appreciate a classic decayed farm house!  This one definitely delivered but things were just starting!

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