Abandoned Doctor’s House

On our recent road trip to Nova Scotia, Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned Doctor's House!  We had driven by it several years earlier but were on a tight schedule.  We were heading to Cape d'Or to have dinner & stay overnight at the lighthouse!  But this time we had time to check it out!

I have come across several posts from this place over the years but never knew exactly where it was. It certainly looed pretty cool so I was happy when we pulled up & this was it! As many times as I saw it, I only could recall the exterior. Nothing else which was great as it was basically all new!

I was inside for only a short moment when I heard what sounded like an angry critter! I stomped my foot & as a result, I heard an annoyed raccoon! Not knowing where it was I gave it time to get away. Seeing as it was spring I figured there could be babies. I did not want to get between angry mother raccoon & her babies!

The house was tossed around a bit but there wasn't any major vandalism. There was also quite a few interesting things still there!  The old stove in the kitchen & the couch & that old school couch in the living room was pretty sweet!

There were a few bedrooms upstairs but they were nothing special. There were a few items left & each room did have a bed. But why was this place called the Abandoned Doctor's House?  I was about to possibly find out!  The last bedroom was not only awesome, but it also had a white lab coat.  This could be what led to the name of this place.  Or a doctor could have lived there.  I don't really know & didn't find any names to research.  Still was a really cool explore!

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