Decaying Abandoned Time Capsule

While out explore we were near this Decaying Abandoned Time Capsule House.  Zenning with Zay & I had previously explored it back 2019 so we were curious to see what had changed!

I do recall when we first visited that the property seemed more active. The driveway had been used but not so much now. Tall grass was all over the property & it seemed only once did a tractor cross trough the back. The fields on either side of this abandoned house were untouched since the previous year. Either from crop rotation or something is going to be done to the land soon!

Once we got inside it seemed that not that much changed. There were a few slight differences with some items been moved. But aside from that it looked mostly the same from 2019!

Then I noticed the dining room.   This was now set up whereas before it as pushed up against the wall.  As you can see, most of the ceiling is under the chairs & table as it had already fallen before this was set up.  But that didn't matter! There was fresh decay that had fallen on to the scene since then so that made it quite photogenic!

I am still quite surprised by the one play room. So many toys, games & even clothing left behind. It seemed odd so much stuff was left here. As if the child or children who played with these were never going to play with them again.

It seems the future for this Decaying Abandoned Time Capsule will de the wrecking ball.  There is active building right across the road.  A lot of the surrounding area is also being developed.  Pretty wild as there wasn't any sign of this back in 2019!  I am happy we got to have another look here.  It may be our last.

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