Abandoned Custom Country Home

At the end of 2022 I spotted this Abandoned Custom Country Home.  Now at the time, it was up for sale & still occupied!  Fast forward to 2023 & it was clearly abandoned so Zenning with Zay & I checked it out!

The house sits on a 2 acre parcel of land & is surrounded by farm fields. The area is steadily being transformed for the ongoing development.  I had been watching this one for several months & was lucky to get inside!  There was another one in the area I had watched but sadly missed so this was a treat!

The property & surrounding fields with be redeveloped into a neighbourhood.  There will be 38, 45 & 60 foot lots.  Some with detached & others semi detached.  Prices start a $1.1 million but that seems to be the standard these days.  Pricing is crazy.  I wasn't able to find any sales history or what this place sold for but based on other similar places, I would say several million.

Now for the explore! Inside this Abandoned Custom Country Home it was clearly dated. It was also someone's dream home! Both Zay & I really liked the layout & the property. The family the built the home certainly loved their wallpaper. Every room upstairs was covered in it! The master bedroom was too much & too dark. But to each their own!  You could tell this was all original as the carpet in the room with a balcony was originally blue!

The main floor was pretty nice & had plenty of space! Definitely dated but I liked it!  Plus the basement billiards room was a nice surprise!

Last but not least was the family room & stairs!  As you know I love a good staircase & although this one was odd, it was still pretty cool!! A great explore!

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