Forgotten Ontario Farm House

On a recent adventure Zenning wth Zay took me to a place she suspected was a Forgotten Ontario Farm House!  Turns out it was & it was pretty awesome!

As seems to be the trend these days is the mass expansion of urban sprawl. Population is rising & the housing shortage is real. I recall reading about a huge backlog of permits finally being granted, This made way for the seemingly endless amount of developments around the province.  It seems to be happening a lot faster these days.

This house for example was lived in as recently as September 2021 which was less than 2 years ago! But, the field already has plenty of equipment ready to tear it all down! In fact the barns here were only recently demolished. The development planned for this particular parcel of land will have roughly 600 single dwelling units! I haven't come across any pricing yet but you can guess they all start around 1 Million Dollars. Crazy to think that as a kid a million dollars seemed like a lot. But these days not so much. I wouldn't mind spending that on a nice piece of property with acreage but not to live in a cookie cutter development!

The thing about such places is that often times renters are the last to live there. I suspect this was not the case here. Mostly because looking at streetview it seemed to be an active farming operation!  I must say I did enjoy this place but once upstairs there were some major issues!

The Forgotten Ontario Farm House had some major leaks in the ceiling.  I would even say that there were present when they lived here.  Definitely to this extent but its a good thing they left when they did!  A pretty awesome place that will soon be destroyed.

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