Abandoned Hoarder House

In early 2023 my friend Freaktography suggested Zenning with Zay & I check out this Abandoned Hoarder House.  So we headed out for a day & this was our first stop.  What we found inside was unbelievable.

When we got there I was pretty surprised that this place was abandoned.  It was right in the middle of a suburb with homes all worth $2,000,000 & up!  Some areas you expect to see older homes bought, demolished & rebuilt.  But, this wasn't really one of the areas.  From the street there we no real sigs aside from the snow wasn't cleared all season.  That can be a good sign but, on the other hand this can also mean they are snow birds!

But as soon as we opened the front door it was clear this was abandoned.  It was also looking like a nightmare!  Pretty much as soon as you step foot inside, your stepping on garbage.  I was shocked at just how cluttered this place was.  literally every square inch of the floor was covered!  Thee had been some major issues with water getting in, as a result, the ceiling had fallen in many places.   Other parts were getting ready to do the same.

It really is unbelievable a house can get into a state like this.   However, it happens more than we know.  I am sure this was a nice house at one point in time.  But that was a long time ago!  If you look past the mess, there is no décor really at all.  The light fixtures are basic.  Its as if there wasn't any pride of ownership.

I was unable to really find anything out about this place.  In fact, I barely even looked for names as it was too much.  Just walking around there was exhausting.  Similar to walking in deep snow.   What I can say was that it was overwhelming but, I did enjoy exploring this Abandoned Hoarder House!

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  1. This is heartbreaking. I have a loved one that hoards and it took me awhile to understand the psychology behind why they do it. Suffice it to say that we are all broken, but we deal with it in different ways.

    Thank you for your consistently wonderful stories!

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