Abandoned Grand Bend Restaurant

When we first came across this Abandoned Grand Bend Restaurant it as locked up tight.  But on a recent road trip, Zenning with Zay & I decided to check it again & it was wide open!

I was surprised to see the place had been mostly emptied. I guess it makes sense as restaurant equipment isn't cheap! It's nice to see that rather than letting it all rot, the equipment & furniture was repurposed!

From what I was able to find out about this place was that there were two different restaurants here over the years!  The most recent seemed to have been called Bernie Green's Restaurant.  Before that it was the Thirsty Fox!  There had been an auction done to sell off the equipment.  I had found a sign in sheet as well, there were auction stickers on some of the items.  Aside from that I was unable to really find anything else about it.

I was actually surprised that this place was sitting there rotting away. It was obvious that it wasn't being watched anymore. There was now a window & door wide open. Previously we could only get a glimpse through the window. Sitting along the main drag it would definitely be profitable. Especially in the summer when cottagers & beach lovers flock there!

The Abandoned Grand Bend Restaurant also has something unexpected. There was an apartment on the second floor. I didn't think there actually was a second floor. I just assumed it was part of the design. There was some significant water damage up there. Especially by the skylights!  Then down int he basement this got bad.  It was pretty nasty down there.   Plenty of decay, mold & other grossness. We didn't spend much time there for obvious reasons!

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