Sad Abandoned Farm House

It was day two of a weekend road trip when Zenining with Zay & I randomly drove past what turned out to be a Sad Abandoned Farm House.  At the time, we had no idea about anything here, but I did find some sad news as I stated my research.

I always try to find out some information about the places we explore. Often times these random ones there isn't much easily found. But just as I was about to write my blog I searched the address. I was surprised to see a news article as the second result clearly highlighting the address.  I opened the article to find the sad news.  The couple who had last lived hear both passed away, together, here at this home.

The couple had lived at the home since 1956 & the husband was a cash crop farmer. He worked the land up until the late 1990's when he retired & began to drive a bus! His wife was a longtime school teacher & both were dedicated members of the church. They were inseparable in life. Doing most everything together. The community was devastated by this tragic loss, but what happened?

It seemed that during the winter in early 2018 the area was under a deep freeze. The wife had gone out to check on her husband but succumb to the elements. Police came to the property to do a welfare check which is when they found the couple. The circumstances of what happened were tragic. It seems the husband had been out in the barn when he suffered a heart attack. The wife, worried about him went out into the cold. She was found not far from him.

With abandoned houses I always figure there is some sad story to go along with them. Often times they are never known. In this case, the Sad Abandoned Farm House had a well recorded story. My only hope is that the two of them were able to say goodbye.

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  1. Just watched it bro. Yes… a very sad story indeed. They knew the Lord and were able to go to heaven so not as sad knowing that. I believe it was God’s intentions that they died on the same day together so they both got to be together in heaven. You said you hope they got to say goodbye, they never had to. Thank you for taking the time to find the story as it’s always nice to know what happened and why.

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