Mysterious Abandoned Time Capsule House

I really enjoyed exploring this Mysterious Abandoned Time Capsule House!

Just a month before Christmas I was out with Zenning with Zay on an adventure on back roads we both had not been on in quite some time.  It seems we try to avoid the busier routes & hit the back, less traveled roads as that is often where you can find abandoned places.  But, you also cannot forget to take the main routes from time to time as places do become abandoned anywhere!

The driveway to the property was gated so it was a bit of a hike to get to the house not knowing if we were even able to get inside.  Fortunately the door was unlocked & as I walked in I was greeted by a mess of spider webs across my face.  As always I did a walk around to see what was in store for us.  Turns out this was a pretty amazing house!

On the main floor it felt as though the family had just stepped out & were due back at anytime where as the bathroom was clearly a mess!  The front porch had a broken window but there were some very obvious signs showing that this place was not lived it.

The dining room was in pretty bad shape as the ceiling was falling down & the hardwood floor beginning to rot & grow green mold.  This was quite surprising to see considering the kitchen was in near perfect condition only really need a quick sweep up!  I just loved how the ceiling has fallen & still remains where it originally landed.

Once upstairs you could see this home was at one time loved.  There was plenty of time & effort invested in putting up all that wallpaper!  I enjoyed the various corridors throughout the upper floor but looking down one I noticed clear indications of water damage.   This was likely the source of the water damage in the dining room below.

I went to investigate & sure enough there was considerable water damage in the room that was directly above the dining room.  Most of the ceiling had fallen to the floor, the tiles were all curled & a pile of green mold made its way up one corner of the room.  You could actually see right outside through the hole which is shown in the video above.  There there was one room that really seemed odd.  It was a children's playroom still setup with even a play tent in it.  There were some items boxed up but for the most part everything was still in place.  This was so weird because yes, kids do out grown toys but why would everything be left here.   This left me with a great sadness & I still do not know what happened here.  The last photo in the set is from the attic & to the left of the triple windows you can clearly see the hole in the roof that is the source of the multi-level decay in this old beauty.  Seems like if nothing is done soon to save it, she'll eventually succumb to the elements.

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