Abandoned $5000000 Custom Country Mansion

On this adventure we explore an Abandoned $5000000 Custom Country Mansion!

In what seems to be a new tradition, Zenning with Zay & I, tired of "peopling" decided the first weekend after the holidays we would embark on a road trip!  We planned on exploring some unfamiliar territory as well as a few specific locations with hopes of a successful start to the year.  The first stop on our trip was this Abandoned Custom Country Mansion!  Just days earlier I spotted it online & it immediately reminded me of the Untouched Abandoned Mansion we discovered & explored roughly a year earlier.

Situated up a long driveway at the edge of a relatively new development sits this beautiful abandoned mansion.  The land is roughly 15 acres with many mature trees.

Out back was a large patio featuring an in-ground pool, working well with pump & extensive trellis!  It would be an awesome area to have a summer party for sure!

The upstairs featured four bedrooms & two bathrooms.  It was considerably smaller than the main floor but still could comfortably accommodate a family of four!

The staircase was rather simple but made from beautiful hardwood.  Naturally I had to shoot it from every possible angle!

The main floor featured a decent size eat-in kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom, a shower/change room for the pool & a sauna (not pictured).  This was all nice but the rest is what I absolutely loved!

There were two rooms with wall to wall hardwood.  The first felt as if it were a home office....a HUGE home office!  There was even a very old television still in the custom cabinetry!   The second room was a family room that would also likely be a party room as there was a built in bar.  One wall featured custom shelving & the centre had a gorgeous fireplace.  This room also had near ceiling to floor windows which brightened up the dark stained wood room!

The last two rooms were a dining room just off the kitchen & massive living room.  The dining room was gorgeous with its custom built-in hutches framing three windows.  Then two steps down was an absolutely beautiful living room with a fireplace dead cetnre at the far end.  Huge windows on either side would make this room super bright even on the gloomiest of days!  Although I am not entirely sure what the future holds for this beauty, I can say with confidence that it will likely be demolished & swallowed up by urban sprawl.

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