Abandoned $3,000,000 Country Mansion

At the end of an awesome day exploring Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out this  $3,000,000 Country Mansion!  We had our eye on it for a while but were not in the area often until this time!

Taking back to the summer of 2019 I decided to check on a mansion I suspected was in the cross hairs of developers.  Located in a rapidly developing area, this mansion sits on a sprawling 50 acre plot of land.  With close highway access & nearby cities expanding at a rapid rate, I felt this custom $3,000,000 country mansion would be the exactly what developers would be in search of.   When I first checked on the property it clearly looked unoccupied however there was a large bin out front.  I did a walk around & checked doors but unfortunately I was unable to get in.

The mansion is set back roughly 100 feet back from the road & features a 3 car garage & 4 enclosed patios.  Two on the main floor & two on the upper floor.  I suspect this was not the original intention however as traffic increased on the road, there likely was a desire to muffle the noise.  I did not find a date (or actually look that hard) but I suspect this was built sometime in the late 1960's based on the choice of decor & fixtures.

The patios, aside from the front door area were all lined with that fake lawn flooring which to me is pretty tacky but I guess its functional when compared to painted concrete which because treacherous when wet or icy!

The basement was absolutely massive & would be amazing for entertaining.  So much space & there was still a pool table & Foosball table left behind.  The brick work around the fireplace & bar were dated but at the same time I feel with a little paint could easily be modernized & brighten up the room.  There were numerous other rooms I didn't bother taking photos of but as always, my video shows every inch of this place to be sure to check that out!

The main floor was rather odd but on point with the rest of the mansion.  The flooring, both tile & carpeting was VERY dated as were the sheer curtains.  That said, all the rooms were enormous & I loved the size of the kitchen!  What was especially unique were the two arches leading from the kitchen into the dining room.  I feel this was more of a structural piece rather than decorative as it was a rather large span lacking support.  The medallion around the dining room light was very unique but I suspect a pain in the butt to dust & even paint!

The upper floor was very odd.  It was very evident that the mansion was split up with intentions of having what I suspect an in laws suite & a main home.  Based on my findings, the property was last leased to a company which is why the one side was heavily wired with CAT 5 lines which would be for internet.  There was a second kitchen (I guess third if you count the basement).  While exploring, it felt as though it just kept going!

Last & certainly not the least is the staircase.   This was a total shock as it was essentially hidden from the main parts of the mansion.  I absolutely loved them despite them were not entirely spiral but they were made from hardwood & had open access risers making them dangerous yet elegant.  Unfortunately the owners decided to carpet them with rather unappealing pattern but I guess when you look at the rest of the flooring throughout it aligns!  Either way, I am very happy to finally knock this one off the list of something I had been watching from quite some time.  That said, persistence pays off!

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