Creepy Abandoned Farm House

This Creepy Abandoned Farm House was definitely a cool spot to explore!  Thanks to Cherotica & Knifeguy for hooking Zenning with Zay & I up with it!

It was the second day of our road trip & we were moving a bit slow.  We had found a quiet spot the night before to car camp & have a fire.  Well, so we thought but that wasn't the case!  Just as we were getting ready for bed we could hear ATV's getting closer! Since it was midnight I assured Zay nobody was coming.  Within a minute there was side-by-side & ATV right there!  They ended up staying for a few hours & celebrating because it was my birthday!  Random friends in random places!

We were exhausted & low on confidence so we didn't really do much in the morning aside from some touristy type locations.  Those are all fine but we need something with some risk to give us that boost!  It was then that we got word on this Creepy Abandoned Farm House.  Well, at the time we didn't know it was creepy!

We did have Opie with us but because we didn't know what we were getting in to, we didn't want to risk it.  So the boy stayed in the car while we explored!  It was the right choice as this place had many hazards stuff he could get in.

There was so much stuff inside this place.  With old places like these, the last tenants usually are renters.  It seems that once the renters leave, they leave so much behind.  I suspect its due to down sizing or great financial loss.  I've seen it before with a place I called Rachel's House.

The main floor pretty awesome as well but there was a mess throughout.  Sadly some people feel the need to trash these places.  But there was still plenty of beauty & all around awesomeness here to make it an epic adventure!

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