Abandoned Stone House

This Abandoned Stone House located on a busy highway heading north in Ontario.  Both myself & Zenning with Zay & I have passed it many times but we never stopped. But this winter that all changed!

From the outside you can see just how beautiful this abandoned stone house.  You can also see there was a huge addition added at one point in time.  The stone work is quite popular for the area with many other stone houses from the same era.  A few years back there was a string of arsons in the area at other abandoned houses.  But fortunately this one was spared.

I expected this place to be in rough shape considering where it sits.  As well, it has been abandoned for a VERY long time.  I swear it has been a decade as I recall passing it while heading north back in the early 2000's!  Once I made it inside I did see there was some vandalism & tagging.  Of course it's disappointing but it is al part of it.

Much to my surprise was the fact there was three floors!  On top of that it was a sweet custom bedroom!  With a balcony, skylights, built-in entertainment cabinets & work space!  It was pretty friggin sweet however there was no bathroom!  There was however an epic staircase up to it but that'll be shown at the end of the blog!

I did some light research however I wasn't able to dig up too much. But I do know that there was a landscaping company that was last based from here.  This is the area above with all the Shrek green walls!

I then headed to the front of the house where the Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen area were.  Just like the Wealthy Farmers Abandoned Homestead, the beauty featured pocket doors!

Last but not least was the two stair cases!  They were both quite nice but the crazy wild winder one was over the top!  Such a unique detail for a farm house!  I was happy that we finally stopped to check this place out!

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  1. Such a beautiful find! Loved the stained glass windows! This must have been so beautiful when people lived there

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