Wealthy Farmers Abandoned Homestead

On a recent adventure with Zenning with Zay we came across the Wealthy Farmers Abandoned Homestead!  This home was once owned by a very wealthy farmer which was evident in not only the size of the place but also the amazing woodwork throughout!

This beautiful house sits in an area where development is growing. The last owners ran a towing business out of the property which made sense because it was located in an area where there is often a lot of car accidents, plus they was a big shop on site!

The property is designated as "employmen lands" which means commerical or industrial businesses can operate on the land. What was once a sprawling property with many acres of land is now just over 1 acre. Back in 2018 the homestead was put up for sale at a price ag of 1,3 million dollars. With in two months it was bought at close to $100,000 over asking. I was surprised to see it took two months to sell but I suspect the developer wanted to ensure they could build what they wanted there before pulling the trigger.

The workshop in the back of the prperty was huge! It was pretty much setup as a house which was liley for on site sleeping/eating etc for the drivers.

I started my explore off in the top floor. I wasn't really expecting much from the attic but was pleasantly surprised!  Not only was it a full sized apartment, it seemed to have been active VERY recently!  I even checked inside refrigerator, which is something I rarely do & I was shocked.  You'll need to check the video to see what I found!

The second floor is where things really started to show the the value of this Wealthy Abandoned Farmers Homestead! The baseboards, doors, trim & flooring were beautiful! Hardwood is amazing & I was happy to see it wasn't painted over! I couldn't imagine the cost of installing it these days!

The main floor! What can I say about it? Well for starters it was incredible! The woodwork was better than the second floor & the real money was in the pocket doors & staircase! Plus, can't overlook the flocked wallpaper! The kitchen had clearly been updated but with style & class. The rest had so much original woodwork that it made me sad to know it would end up being demolished. The story for the place ends with the last people who lived here having a blow out party & then moving out. Hopefully some of the beauty is salvaged but at the end of the day I know it will just end up in the landfill. Regardless, I am happy to have had a chance to experience it!

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  1. Hi Zay. Jim here!
    This house was my home from 1972 until 1984.
    You are right. It was built in 1920 and veranda in 1921.
    I hand stripped all the floors and woodwork. Any wallpaper I put up and upholstered the walls in dining and parlour.
    I got the glass doors from a relative and exchanged from solid doors to glass.
    The kitchen has been changed.
    I renovated added a second door to kitchen and the back stairs became entrance to the third floor where I made an apartment.
    The house was built by 3 brothers for their Mother Polly Whiteside and it was show place of community. Frank Bill and Tom where the sons. Bill died young and Tom and Frank lived into old age. I have the chair Tommy died in here in PEI. My father brought Frank out to see the house as I fixed it up. He said her was glad to see it being fixed up and if there was 2 feet of cement above ground there was 4 feet below. They made it to last!
    I used the building at back for my reupholstery business and to show off my work in shop and in house I would host a wine and cheese party first weekend in June each year with people coming from as far away as London Ontario.
    I was married in the house in 1977.
    It was a beautiful house and it is sad to see how it has deteriated.
    Hope to be up from PEI in July to see the house once more.

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      1. Here we have yet another comment from my 8 years & counting weirdo stalker Michael Lalonde aka Talking Walls Photography!

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