Abandoned Séance House

While out on a recent adventure with Zenning with Zay we came across what is now known to us as the Abandoned Séance House!

The Abandoned Séance House is located in a area that was heavily plagued but an arsonist during 2016 & 2017.  This beautiful old farm house had been abandoned since 2015.  In July of 2017 emergency crews were dispatched to a fire at the home.  In all there were 27 suspicious fires in the area at the time & most were at abandoned structures.  In 2017, a man turned himself in after realizing he was putting first responders lives at risk.

Abandoned Séance House

Of the 27 arsons set in the area, the man was eventually convicted in 5 of them.  This does not mean he didn't set more, it just means he was proven guilty for only 5.  This was not one of the arsons he was charged with.  He was later sentenced to 21 months in jail, 3 yeas probation & ordered to pay $39,000 to two property owners.

We entered through a wide open door in the back of the house. Immediately we could see that the house had a lot of spray painted nonsense on the walls. Often times I try to clean it up in photoshop, but the amount was excessive & I didn't feel like spending THAT much time editing. After only a few steps inside the main house it became obvious there had been a fire here.

Again I apologize for the vulgarity on the walls but there was just too much to clean up. It was also quite surprising that how badly it was tagged up for a such a rural place. As you can see, it was definitely a beautiful place. The stairs were absolutely gorgeous & also a death trap. It was evident that the fire originated in the basement & raged up through the basement stairs making the top floor, the stairs & parts of the kitchen very unstable.  So I never got to see what the upstairs looked like.  But, there was still one more room on the main floor & that's when thing became VERY weird.

What I believed to be the dining room was really weird. It was heavily tagged & also setup. But clearly not a normal setup. I have no idea wher any of the items came from but it seemed they were put there sometime after the fire. There was also cobwebs on some of the items but for the most part, it was fairly clean! I did notice a pentagram spray painted on the floor of the living room & there were quite a few candles around. It was highly likely this became a hangout for local kids & they likely fooled around with a Ouija board here in an attempt to talk to ghosts! Whatever the purpose was, it was super creepy & pretty cool explore!

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