Decayed Grey Farmhouse

On a blistering hot day while out exploring, Zenning with Zay & I randomly came across this Decayed Grey Farmhouse!

Now to clarify, I don't mean the colour but rather the County which this house is in. The County of Grey has MANY abandoned gray houses like this. Abandoned for so long that the old timber frames are faded & bleached for the elements. There are hundreds of these old farm houses across the county however many of them have been demolished or caved in on themselves. It's no surprse considering many of them have been abandoned for decades! Many did have brick exteriors however in most cases, the bricks were salvaged for other builds.

Anyone that house been out in this region knows that these fields are windswept almost all the time. For those that aren't familiar, the windmills in the background are a dead giveaway! I was fortunate enough to get my drone up inbetween strong gusts to capture a few shots of this old beauty!

I wasn't expecting to actually go inside this decayed grey farmhouse but to my surprise, Zay came out & said I should! She warned me that it was VERY dangerous & to watch my step. Once I got inside I was blown away with just how dangerous it really was! I mean, it was obviously dangerous looking from the outside but man, what a death trap yet so cool!

There were definitely some amazing visuals in there & it goes to show that you never know what you will find in these places!!

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