Abandoned Country Homestead

Recently Zenning with Zay & I came across this beautiful Abandoned Country Homestead while out look for new places to explore!

We were driving the rural roads as we often do when Zay spotted a house that seemed to have an overgrown property. So, as we always do, we turned around to get a closer look. Pulling in the driveway it was clear nobod had been there is a long time! Looks like we had found ourselves a new abandoned place!

From the outside it was clear this would be a big house & looked to be in pristine condition. Built in an era where quality was greater than quantity & it as clearly cared for over the past 100 years. There was a barn however it was fiercely guarded by a skunk so I didn't get a chance to check it out but Zay did. That's when she had to make a run for it after hearing the hissing then spray!

I started my explore of the Abandoned Country Homestead on the top floor, well the attic. I was hoping it would have been finished like the Wealthy Farmer's Abandoned Homestead but it was not.  No big deal as it was still pretty cool up there.  I then went down to the second floor which had three bedrooms & a weird bathroom setup that was two separate rooms.  There was also a bedroom with a small staircase which would have been the servants quarters back in the day.  I suspect the wood paneled room was the master bedroom.

I then headed down to the main floor of the house. Starting at the front was a huge living room with an equally huge cabinet. At first I thought it was solid wood however upon closer inspection is was just press board crap. That said, it still looked nice! There was a small front room & then a large cleaning supply room off the kitchen. The kitchen was huge! So much space for anything really! A true country kitchen! Just off that was a laundry room with bathroom, the servant's staircase & then a entry way. But, there was also an addition!

The last part of this adventures is in theback addition! This was a massive room that was likely a rec room that even had its own basement apartment. This was also the worst area of the entire place with several major leaks in the ceiling. It was actually quite surprising! Just goes to show that when the original house was built, it was built solid whereas the rest it seems the matieral/workmanship wasn't up to par. A pretty amazing explore nonetheless!!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Country Homestead”

  1. This really doesn’t look abandoned!!! This one looks like someone stole the realtor sign!!! Be nice if you could contact the Ontario Land Office and find out!!! I hate cold weather but I would move into this house in a heart beat!!! I love it!!!

    1. The basement area & addition is very decayed. The land around it is being sold in parcels. One of the original owners passed away earlier this year in a local hospice sadly.

  2. I am annold woman whom follows urbex’ers, I am impressed with the ethics of most of these young urbexers. And knowledge of what is good construction as to bad construction.
    But laugged my head off when a 1950′ portable hairdryer was an unidentified object.

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