Abandoned Mississauga Playdium Park

The Abandoned Mississauga Playdium Park was a big part of both mine & Zenning with Zay's teen years.  Hearing that it was permanently closed in November 2020, we decided to head down for a nostalgic explore!

Growing up in Mississauga was definitely an interesting time.  There was the usual stuff you could do such as go to the movies, hangout at the school, get chased by security for skateboarding at the mall & rip around on bikes.  Outside of that, there really isn't much for kids to do in the massive urban sprawl.  That was until September of 1996 when Sega City @ Playdium opened!  This was a game changer!

I remember going here mostly to play the endless amounts of video games & hit the go kart track!  It was so much fun there but eventually I grew out of it.  Over the years I had forgotten about it unless I happened to be driving by on the highway.  It wasn't until the end of 2020 that it popped into my mind again as a place I wanted to visit.  This time it wasn't for the games, it was because it was now the Abandoned Mississauga Playdium Park!

Originally I assumed Playdium shutdown because it was on prime land but it seems that there was indeed heavy financial issues due to the idiot covid nonsense plaguing the province. On 15th, 2020 they announced that the facility would close its doors forever as of November 1st of the same year. I am sure many people like myself had fond memories from this place as it was definitely a big birthday party venue & held many corporate team building events.

The 40,000 square foot building boasted 200 different games/attractions & with the Sega partnership, many of the games came from that company. Not only were there video games, but the 11 acre property also had a batting cage partnered with the Toronto Blue Jays, a mini putt, a sprawling go kart track & a large outdoor area for really anything!

The plan for the property is total redevelopment & although they claim that Playdium was a victim of covid, I suspect the money put on the table was too much to refuse.  As well, the area has been in constant development stage for as long as I can remember.  You can easily add several condo buildings & sell overpriced condos & make a killing.

Zay & I both really enjoyed exploring this place as not only did it play a part in our youth, but it also was a rare explore in Ontario. Most places like this don't shutdown that often. Definitely a cool explore! I did hear that there is now security on site so I advise against going there!

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