Abandoned Red Brick Homestead

While out on an adventure with Zenning with Zay, we randomly came across this Abandoned Red Brick Homestead!

It was one of those days where we just went out on the hunt with no actual locations to visit. Just following our hearts which is how we have found so many amazing places such as this! The boarded windows & overgrown property was the telltale sign that we had found something!

We quickly did a u-turn & pulled in the driveway with great expectations! After trying one door we were inside! What we found was pretty amazing! The house was in excellent condition but still had signs of decay. From our estimates it had only been abandoned a year at most!

I stated my explore in the kitchen of the Abandoned Red Brick Homestead.  The kitchen had been upgraded & almost seemed to be n the middle of some renovations.  But, often times these old farm houses are rented out & any renters in rural places don't take good care of their homes.  Heading to the back of the house there was a tiny bathroom, servants staircase & a huge addition.  I bet it was a cozy spot!

Then I headed to the front of the house where there was a huge family room & equally as huge living room as well as a dining room that was sectioned off.  It was this sort of renovations that led us to believe that it was likely a multi-family dwelling at the end.

Upstairs we started to get the real story of this place. There were plenty of signs indicting an elderly person had lived there such as a comode & safety railings in a doorway & in the bathroom. This now seeme that there was likley a live-in caregiver. It was pretty cool iin the front area with the huge rooms, windows & beautiful hardwood flooring. But, my favourite parts were yet to come!

Amazing Blue Room & Couch

The Blue Room was amazing! The wall colours & textures, the missing plaster & of course the couch! This was so visually appealing! Now for the rest of the awesome stuff!

Last but certinly not the least was the some more pictures of the blue room, a few different angles of the stairs, a sweet dresser in the pink room & lastly the creepy doll! This was a pretty awesome place & despite trying, I was unable to easliy uncover any history.

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  1. I’d LOVE to be ABLE to BUY IT, and fix it up, and LIVE THERE!! SO FULL of character!! I LOVE OLDER HOMES, THAT ARE “FIXABLE”!! THANKS for the awesome TOUR!!

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