Abandoned Shanty Bay Go-Karts

For years Zenning with Zay & I drove past the Abandoned Shanty Bay Go-Karts & said we should stop here.  Finally in the early summer of 2021 we finally did!

Back in mid 2020 I did stop by while heading out on a solo adventure.  It was the first time I tried to fly my drone after crashing into a boat & sinking it in Georgian Bay but that's another story!  Thankfully the resurrection was a success!  Those photos have been posted before but these are all new!

The whole property is very overgrown & falling to bits. Despite the track stating in would reopen in 2020, it clearly wasn't anywhere close to being ready. That said the track as in good condition but the rest of the property was a mess! The mini putt was VERY overgrown & looked like it had been neglected for a decade. The putting greens were torn up everywhere & the concrete obstacles throughout were crumbling.  It was pretty beat!

The track itself was in fairly good condition but did show its age. From what I understand the track is a fll kilometer in length. The advertisement for the karts stated they were capable of reaching speeds of up to 45km/h however MANY reviews stated this was not the case. In fact it seems that many of the newer reviewes for this place were complete nonsesne. Especially since many were added within the last year! I suspect these comments on the Abandoned Shanty Bay Go-Karts were to boost the number of reviews they have on Google.

Like I said, the track itself seemed to be it pretty good condition. If cat, I wanted to take our truck out for a rip on it but didn't think the bridge would hold it, plus it'd draw a HUGE amount of unwanted attention so I passed! A lot of the reviews made complaints about the price being $5 a lap & it generally being a rip off.  Many also complained about the owner.  Sad really as this looked like it could have been a lot of fun if the price was right & the karts actually ripped!

From my understanding when speaking with a buddy there used to be a McDonald's there but unsure where exactly. I had driven by this place for many years & never gave it much of a glance because I was either heading north or heading home. Either way, it was always eyes on the road due to wild cottage country traffic! The roof is missing a lot of shingles & we could see water damage. I recall it looking like it would open again soon when we checked on it a while back but these days, I'd say that won't happen.

We finally found our way inside to the one side of the building. For the most part it was clean but the water damage was visible in the ceiling tiles. It was surprising to see the power still on in the corridor leading to the bathrooms & gas station. I took a couple shots of the gas bar & as we headed in...things took a turn for the worse...but you'll have to watch the video to see what happened!!!

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