Train Enthusiasts Time Capsule

In early May Zenning with Zay & I went to check out the Abandoned Train Enthusiasts Time Capsule! Our good friend Static Spaces had passed the location to us to check out & it turned out we had already stopped by a few years earlier but didn't get in. This times was different!

The air was thick & the bugs relentless but thats to be expected in the north of Ontario! We quickly found our way inside & were immediately blown away with the place. This was an incredible time capsule!! Literally everything was left behind! Often times these houses that are boarded up are trashed but this place was in really good shape & only minor disruption from scavengers.

The first area I checked out was the left side of the house. It was very dark but I had all the required lighting! There were three bedrooms & a bathroom in this part of the house. Each had everything still there including beds still made! The decor was pretty wild with floral wallpaper, colourful carpeting & then the master bedroom...well it had orange carpet all over the walls! This was pretty shocking yet interesting & unique!

Abandoned Time Capsule Sculpture

Then I spotted this guy in the hallway!  Upon closer investigation it was clear that this was somebody's incredible homemade sculpture!  This not only startled me, but also impressed me!  But this was just the tip of the iceberg for this place!

This place just kept getting better with every turn! It was absolutely amazing seeing everything left behind but said at the same time. From some research it seems the man of the house passed away & the wife decided to return to Europe where they were originally from. It was just too difficult to stay. I am not sure when exactly she left but, it was evident it was quite some time ago. Just looking at the appliances, decor & other items it was easily a decade ago but likely longer.

I then headed into the basement where Zay had found another staircase. This led to a whole different area of this massive house that wasn't accessible from the main floor! it was pretty wild to discover it! This area seemed to be a store/shop & had been completely cleaned out. I then headed back into the basement to check out the main area which was not only moldy & decayed, it was friggin amazing! The Tiki Bar with the Asian mural was a complete surprise! Such an absolutely incredible place! But we weren't finished yet!  Next you see why this place is called the Train Enthusiasts Time Capsule!

There was one last room to check out & in the basement & when I walked in I was in shock! Here in front of me was a room completely filled with a model train set! This was clearly someone's passion! All the details & work put into this thing was incredible. Although it was amazing to see this set, especially decaying, it was sad. All in all this was an absolutely incredible place & I am happy we finally got a chance to look inside!

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