Abandoned Time Capsule Cottage

This Abandoned Time Capsule Cottage was the first explore Zenning with Zay & I did as a married couple!!

Now looking this place from the outside you really wouldn't expect too much. It looked small & liekly trashed based entirely on how it looks. I know many places we've checked that looked similar were let downs. But this places was not at all a let down! In fdact it was amazing!

As you can see it was vey overgrown & we had gone in early October of 2021. It wasn't easy to get many shots of the property as you can see!

When I first entered the Abandoned Time Capsule Cottage I was in the mud room.  Well, I guess it was really a storage room but it could essentially be a mud room!  From there I ended up i the kitchen which as pretty amazing! Clearly stuff had been rummaged through.   Between human & animal scavengers, the floor was a mess.  But, the cupboards & shelves were still neatly setup!  Pretty odd to say the least but VERY cool to see!

The cottage had one two bedrooms rooms so we start off with the back one. This was such an odd one as it was clearly a kids bedroom & so many personal items left behind.

The front bedroom was just as cool & also seemed like it was for a kid. Perhaps an adult but who knows. I also semi suspect the kids styed in the house while the grown folks stayed in a trailer outside but this is all speculation!

The last area to explore was the living room. This was likely where most time indoors was spent. After a long day of outdoor adventures I imagine the family ate then unwound with some board games or just chilling & sharing stories!  A pretty awesome place to explore! Especially for being our first explore after getting married in an abandoned prison!!

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