Abandoned Cabin & Car Graveyard

On our way home from a long weekend road trip Zenning with Zay & I stopped at this Abandoned Cabin & Car Graveyard!

Located along a highway in cottage country is this Abandoned Cabin & Car Graveyard. I found it odd on both visits that there were a few classic cars left here. They seemed to have been left there for a very long time. One car had a license sticker from 1985!

The property sits on the edge of a cliff that overlooks a wetland scene. It would be a perfect spot for a hunt camp & that is what it was! I can imagine on a fggy morning looking over the wetland seeing a lone moose or a few deer. Even though it was still early spring, the view was pretty sweet!

Inside the Abandoned Cabin was nothing to interesting. It was cramped, a mess & likely anything of value long removed. It still had signs of the past owners. There was a large pile of kids toys. Also surprising was the fact there was a piano in there! Seemed like that wold have been a pain to get in there!

The best part of the this place was definitely the cars! When we first found it, the bugs were absolutely brutal. So bad that we ran around as fast we could to get shots. I didn't bother to do a video then as I was getting eaten alive! This time was better as we could take our time!

This was definitely an odd property & maybe one day I will know the story. Regardless it was an awesome place to explore! Gotta love a variety of locations to keep things interesting!

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