Abandoned Government Complex

In early 2020 Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned Government Complex!  We met up for an epic day of adventure with Cherotica & Knife Guy!

This Massive Abandoned Government Complex sits on a massive piece of property deemed surplus by the government.  The facility was originally constructed to be an educational facility.  Designed by a prominent local firm, the complex was built for a religious order that dates back to the 1600's!

The first areas we checked out here were the theatre & gymnasium!  Both were in excellent condition but some vandalism & waster damage was present.  It starts to become a hazard when the power is still connected & there is water damage!

The complex is comprised of a dozen buildings.  These were all connected by t a system of tunnels as well as glassed walkways. The building were situated in a way to surround a courtyard with a chapel in the centre.

There were several dormitory buildings & many of them rooms were still furnished.  It was surprising to see this.  Especially when I noticed that majority of the lamps, clocks, fans & other electronics all had their cords cut.  Such waste.

The complex has many buildings considered to be historical but I really didn't see it that way.  Sure, the chapel was pretty amazing & should be saved.  But aside from that & the theatre, there was nothing else too special. What was pretty interesting was the chapel being turned into a pub!  I bet it was a pretty cool place to hang!

You could really feel the age of the building in some areas that still had the original decorative pieces.  Many long corridors made for some cool shots & I always enjoy a good staircase!

We had gone through the majority of the buildings with one more in our sights.  We were already weary about the tunnels as they had motion lights & cameras.  But, we didn't know if the cameras worked.  On edge, I walked up a staircase with Knife Guy just behind me.  This building was heated unlike the other we were already in.  I spotted a motion censor & just as I was saying it was dead, it blinked.  At that moment we heard the sound of an alarm signaling us it was time to go!  We made it out & were full of adrenalin for the next explore!  Pretty awesome & exciting explore to say the least!

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