Abandoned Retirement Home

On a beautiful & sunny day Zenning with Zay took us to a an Abandoned Retirement Home!  From the outside you would have no idea it was a former retirement or just how big it really was!

The funny thing about this place was that we had driven past it many times but never noticed it was abandoned. I suspect that the property used to be maintained which is likely why we didn't notice. I also suspect that the large shop building was & likely still is used. As with every explore we start off inside!

We started on different ends of the abandoned retirement home! I took on the north end whereas Zay tackled the south. It make things go faster when you aren't waiting for each other to move! There were several bedrooms & bathrooms as well as a large living room with connecting dining room.  I suspected that most of this area was used by whomever operated the facility as it seemed somewhat separate from the rest of the place.

Continuing along we check out the massive kitchen! This would have been pretty sweet for a home kitchen although I don't think I could ever fill all those cupboards!!! The triple sink was pretty cool as well as all the custom & built in appliances!

The south end of the Abandoned Retirement Home Was definitely setup more like a facility. There were many small rooms for the residence & two small kitchenettes. There was also a decaying bedroom where water was ravaging the ceiling due to a failing roof.

Now as always we headed out to shoot exteriors. Not long after a white van pulled up. Two men exited headed right towards us quickly. We spoke & they advised we were trespassing however let us take a few more pics of the car. I made a big deal about it so they would go easier on us. They advised it was their place & they planned on renovating this summer. Just as we walked away the neighbour ripped over on his ATV to confront the men. Seeing this we decided it was time for us to get away quick! Not sure what transpired but we got away which is all that matters! Pretty awesome explore!!

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  1. I really enjoyed all the pictures!! I always assumed that people who explored abandoned buildings would usually ask if it was ok to go inside to explore.
    But you guys have more nerve than I do! I’d be afraid of getting shot.
    It was nice of the owners to let you take more pics of the car.
    Very cool!

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