Five Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion

The Five Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion is located on of town with roughly a dozen over mansions.

The Five Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion sits on a beautiful 2 acres of land that backs on to a forest & features a small creek running through it. This will be the third mansion on the street to be demolished to make way for a newer one. In fact, the one right next door I had attempted two years earlier however never got the chance to explore it. That's the thing with these places. You often times need to keep coming back to actually get a chance to explore it!

This custom built mansion was definitely for entertaining but we'll get to that part later. From the front it doesn't look too big but what you don't see if the walkout basement! That's where the party was!

The upper level of the house was nothing too special. There were four bedrooms & two bathrooms including the master bath, The master bath was really nice with near floor to ceiling windows & lots of space!

The main floor was much nicer. This was also the only place that actually made it look abandoned.  The front living room had a flat roof over it.  Without proper maintenance & drainage this will happen!  The living room & dining room were divided by a double sided gas fireplace.

The kitchen was big & bright with plenty of eat-in space. Off that was a partial wall with pillars leading into the family room!

Now for the awesome stuff! The walkout basement was bright & open! It had a wood fireplace, bar & a few smaller storage rooms. Plus you get a good look at the amazing staircase in this mansion!  Off one side of the basement was a corridor that led to a shower room & sauna.  But before we go out those doors lets have a look at the stairs!

The stairs! Well it was pretty obvious that I would love them! Hands down my favourite feature of a house if they are done right. These were pretty sweet!  Now for the last but certainly not the least!  The indoor pool!

This room was awesome!  A unique design that would ensure you could have pool parties year round!  The waterfall feature was a nice touch making this an in-home oasis!  An overall great explore!

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